From Screen-Free Coding Toys to Educational Money Apps

 - Nov 27, 2016
Whether it is learning to code or understanding the basics of money management, the November 2016 youth trends reveal that parents are eager to make sure their children learn vital life skills at an early age. As a result, brands are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate educational aspects into everything from toys to wearable technology.

One area that brands are placing a great deal of emphasis on is STEM learning. In turn, there is a growing effort to think of new and exciting ways to introduce children to these concepts. Some examples of STEM-focused products include AR pizzeria games, screen-free coding toys and modular hovercraft drones.

Of course, the emphasis on STEM does not mean that parents are no longer looking to teach their children other basic skills. Indeed, the November 2016 youth trends reveal that there are many products on the market that are aimed at teaching children practical skills such as money management, gardening and how to deal with anxiety.