This Dymaxion Map Reduces the Representational Distortion of Continents

 - Oct 10, 2016
References: areaware & betterlivingthroughdesign
The majority of maps that you see offer distorted representations of planet Earth, and even though this dymaxion map is not spherical, it does well to represent our planet more accurately than most.

The genius of the Dymaxion Folding Globe is in the way that it treats the landmasses surrounding the poles, which are often stretched out in two-dimensional cartography. What we have here is a folding model of the planet with some of the outermost triangular sections appearing completely blank when unfurled. This flattened view actually offers great accuracy in terms of the sizes of countries and the distances between coasts. The Dymaxion Folding Globe is fun and easy to unroll and remake, and can keep its shape with the help of embedded magnets.