From 8-Bit Cartography Kilts to Planetary Cereal Treats

 - Sep 2, 2015
These map-inspired items make cartography into art. The watercolor shades of antique atlases and the geometric patterns of topography provide inspiration for so many creative design ideas. This collection contains map-inspired clothing, furniture, home decor ideas and even food.

From the many variations of globe lighting to purses covered in maps of the Toronto transit system, people love to use map-inspired objects to express nostalgia, worldliness or even an attachment to a particularly city, country or neighborhood.

Maps can be used to commemorate the locale of a specific event. For a wedding, for example, maps of the place of the couple's first meeting can be cut into heart-shaped confetti. Map-inspired decor and clothing is also often used to mark the places that the owner or wearer has traveled to.