One Could Easily Get Lost in this Wonderful Theme Restaurant

The People over at Kai Design have come up with an offbeat theme restaurant design and they’ve been rewarded for their efforts by claiming the ‘standalone bar or club’ prize at the 2013 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. Located in Birmingham, UK and titled ‘The Lost and Found,’ the restaurant has a gorgeous vintage-inspired aesthetic and is filled with some awesome one-of-a-kind custom pieces, such as the magnificent map wallpaper sprinkled with floral adornments. Another unique touch is the top-hat light fixtures that hang above the impressive bespoke dining table.

But the design studio really upped the ante with the secret dining room, made accessible via a moving bookcase. The travel theme (which is alluded to by the title) is continued throughout the restaurant in the form of maps, postcards and scrapbook inspired knickknacks. Kai Design really hit the nail on the head with this sophisticated restaurant design.