- Oct 22, 2014
There are a number of awesome Aussie attractions designed to attract you Down Under. When you think Australia you think excellent weather, sun-kissed beaches, sports, outdoorsy activities and of course, kangaroos.

The country is home to some of the most modern and forward-thinking architectural and transportation projects, making it a joy for travelers to visit and take in. A special mention must be reserved for the awesome Aussie outdoors culture, which makes the country a great place to visit for those who enjoy sports, physical fitness and taking in nature.

Australians are also well known for their playful, energetic and irreverent attitude towards life, and this is reflected in some of the awesome Aussie tourist attractions and peculiarities on offer.

Whether you're looking to take in the great outdoors or be pampered in a more luxurious setting, Australia has something for you.

From Luxury Balloon Rides to Night Vision Forest Tours: