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Catering to the constantly evolving tastes of consumers, the automobile industry is responding in kind with new and innovative designs and interior features. Deep diving into developments in automotive entertainment, vehicle design and in-car accessories, this category is helping to keep a pulse on how transit and auto experiences are changing.
Sculptural Aesthetic eBikes
Sculptural Aesthetic eBikes
The Carbogatto H7 Electric Bike is Powerful and Stylish
The Carbogatto H7 electric bike is a premium transportation solution for consumers seeking a stylish way to get around town in an emissions-free manner. Boasting a carbon fiber monocoque chassis,... MORE
Compact Folding Campers
Compact Folding Campers
The Opus On-Road Folding Camper Offers Space, Comfort and Convenience
For families looking for a slightly more luxurious camping experience, the Opus On-Road Folding Camper is the perfect fit. With the space of a camper van, but the convenience of a tent, the pop-up... MORE
Electrically Retrofitted Classic Cars
Electrically Retrofitted Classic Cars
GM Created a Hot Rod EV from a 1960s Pickup Truck
At the 2019 SEMA Autoshow, GM showcased a hot rod EV. The hot rod EV is titled, ‘E-10,’ and the company stated it is just a concept car and it will not be produced for consumers. However,... MORE
Audio Feedback Electric Motorcycles
Audio Feedback Electric Motorcycles
The BST HyperTEK Makes Sounds Like a Conventional Motorcycle
The BST HyperTEK electric motorcycle has been designed by Pierre Terblanche as an efficient transportation solution that would allow riders to enjoy impressive riding capabilities. The bike is... MORE
To 60 Transportation Innovations in November
To 60 Transportation Innovations in November
From Eco Gas Initiatives to Sleek Commuter Bikes
Due to it always being in demand, transportation is one of the fastest-growing industries, and this list of November 2019 transportation trends highlights some of the most innovative ideas that are... MORE
Explorer-Supporting Trailers
Explorer-Supporting Trailers
The Moto Burly Off-Road Trailers Support Backcountry Adventures
The Moto Burly off-road trailers have been developed by Blaze Davies and Keith Martin as a solution for avid outdoor explorers that will keep them supported at all times when spending extended... MORE
Mini Industrial Multipurpose Vehicles
Mini Industrial Multipurpose Vehicles
The 'Cargo X' by Alp Germaner is Well-Equipped
The ‘Cargo X’ multipurpose vehicle has been designed by Alp Germaner as a cargo-carrying solution that would enable businesses to maintain everyday operations in a convenient, eco-... MORE
Chic Supercar-Inspired Motorcycles
Chic Supercar-Inspired Motorcycles
The Aston Martin x Brough Superior 'AMB 001' Has 180 Horsepower
The Aston Martin x Brough Superior ‘AMB 001’ motorcycle has been created in partnership with the two brands to achieve a high-power two-wheeled vehicle that looks straight out of an... MORE
Eco Truck
Transportation vehicles reduce the size of their carbon footprint
Implications - As brands look to reduce their carbon footprints to support environmental initiatives, some are investing in electric-powered transporting trucks. This solution curbs pollutants in densely populated areas, and appeals to consumers that prioritize sustainability when choosing which brands to purchase from.
Workshop Question - What can your brand do to support sustainable initiatives?
Reactive Space-Age SUVs
Reactive Space-Age SUVs
The Kia Futuron SUV Has 'Dragon Skin' Scales to Capture Fresh Air
The Kia Futuron SUV has been conceptualized by the South Korea-based brand as a futuristic transportation solution that aims to transform perceptions of how a vehicle in the near future will function.... MORE
Power Enhanced Car Lines
Power Enhanced Car Lines
Toyota Revealed Five New Supras Which Feature Power Enhancements and More
Toyota revealed five new Supras at the SEMA 2019 auto show, with an emphasis on power enhancements. The new Supras each focus on improving the Supra design in different ways and explore the future... MORE
Power-Enhanced Retrofitted Cars
Power-Enhanced Retrofitted Cars
The AWD SpeedKore Dodge Charger Can Produce 1,525 Horsepower
SpeedKore revealed an upgraded Dodge Charger at the 2019 SEMA auto show. The car is titled the ‘AWD SpeedKore Dodge Charger,’ and it produces 1,525 horsepower and has all-wheel drive... MORE
play_circle_filled Limited Edition Retrofitted Cars
Limited Edition Retrofitted Cars
Hennessey Performance Upgraded a Camaro to Increase Horsepower
Hennessey Performance converted the Chevrolet Camaro into a power enhanced car that is able to produce 1,200 horsepower. The car is titled the ‘Hennessey Resurrection ZL 1LE Camaro’ and... MORE
Veteran Ride Promotions
Veteran Ride Promotions
Via's VetsRides Program Offers Free Rides to Veterans in Washington DC
Via launched its VetRides program which will provide free rides to veterans in Washington DC. In order to launch the program, Via collaborated with the DC Mayor’s Office for Veterans Affairs,... MORE
Carbon Neutral Race Cars
Carbon Neutral Race Cars
Formula 1 Will Move Toward Carbon Neutral Racing by the Year 2030
Formula 1 announced that it will transition to carbon-neutral racing by the year 2030. The announcement was made by the IFA, which is the sports governing body. The carbon-neutral racing pledge will... MORE
play_circle_filled Unexpected Inclusive Car Ads
Unexpected Inclusive Car Ads
Renault UK Launched the '30 Years in the Making' Car Campaign
Car manufacturer Renault UK is making headlines with it’s unexpected and inclusive new ‘30 Years in the Making’ storytelling campaign. At first, it’s not obvious the... MORE
Electric SUV Releases
Electric SUV Releases
Mercedes-Benz Will Produce an Electric Version of Its G-Class SUV
Mercedes-Benz announced that it will produce an electric version of its G-Class SUV. The announcement came from the company’s CEO, Ola Källenius. An electric G-Class SUV follows the company’... MORE
Ride-Hailing Autonomous Expansions
Ride-Hailing Autonomous Expansions
Lyft Added a Hybrid Minivan to Its Autonomous Vehicle Fleet
Lyft is expanding its autonomous vehicle fleet with the addition of the Chrysler Pacifica, which is a hybrid minivan. The company is continuing its investment in developing autonomous technologies,... MORE
Top 50 Auto Trends in November
Top 50 Auto Trends in November
From AI Concept Cars to Urban Shuttle Vans
These November 2019 autos include notable examples like AI concept cars and athlete-optimized electric vehicles.  When it comes to the month’s technologically advanced examples,... MORE
Masculine Air Fresheners
Masculine Air Fresheners
Male Grooming Brand Lynx Created Car Air Fresheners in Signature Scents
Male grooming brand Lynx partnered with Custom Accessories Europe (CAE) to create a range of car air fresheners featuring the scents people will know from its existing fragrant products. The car... MORE
Anti-Child Labor EV Production
Anti-Child Labor EV Production
Volvo Will Use Blockchain Authentication to Track Its Cobalt
Volvo will use blockchain authentication to ensure that its cobalt was not sourced using child labor. In order to source cobalt, the company will work with both CATL and LG Chem. However, Volvo will... MORE
play_circle_filled Art Deco-Inspired Shipping Trucks
Art Deco-Inspired Shipping Trucks
The Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune Has a Hydrogen-Powered Design
The Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune shipping truck is a futuristic transportation solution that boasts a stylish exterior that aims to transform the capabilities of businesses as well as the roadway landscape.... MORE
Ultra-Customization Electric Motorcycles
Ultra-Customization Electric Motorcycles
The CAKE 'Ösa' Offers Over 1,000 Configuration Options
The CAKE ‘Ösa’ electric motorcycle is an impressively designed transportation solution that is focused on enhanced customization instead of a one-size-fits-all aesthetic. Capable of... MORE
Electric Station Wagon Designs
Electric Station Wagon Designs
Volkswagen's ID Space Vizzion Concept Features a 300 Mile Range
Volkswagen partially revealed its electrically powered station wagon, which is titled the ‘ID Space Vizzion.’  The company states that the car was designed to have aerodynamic... MORE
Powerful Off-Road Vehicle Lineups
Powerful Off-Road Vehicle Lineups
The Segway ATV/UTV Lineup Includes Five Models
The Segway ATV/UTV lineup has been unveiled by the company as a new range of vehicles that will deliver exceptional versatility and power for avid outdoor explorers to appreciate. The vehicle range... MORE