Earthy Destinations Like Natural Rock Formations Gain Popularity

 - Apr 8, 2009
References: cracktwo
Some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world have occurred naturally. Over time, the earth has shaped awe-inspiring rock formations for us to behold.

Cheaper than going to service-related tourist attractions, these are much more economical and could see a boost in these financially challenging times.

Nature lovers from around the globe gather to witness the beauty and spectacle that is found in these incredible landmarks.

Breathtaking photos in order:

1. The Goreme Valley Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia Turkey, are the result of volcanic eruptions.

2. A unique Wave formation in Coyote Buttes, Arizona.

3. Brimham Rock in North Yorkshire England is a group of oddly shaped rocks that hint of their druid past.

4. James Bond Island in Ao Phang-Nga National Park in Thailand was featured in a 1970’s James Bond Movie.

5. Devil’s Tower, a 1200 ft. national monument in Wyoming is the neck of a volcano.

6. Perce Rock in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence Canada, may be one of the largest naturally formed arches in the world.

7. The Causeway in Northern Ireland is a breathtaking sight that may have been formed by volcanic ash.

8. The Delicate Arch is considered one of Utah’s most important landmarks.

9. The Aboriginals of Wauchope Australia believe this unique formation to be the eggs of the rainbow serpent.

10. Limestone formed over thousands of years fashioned these magnificent peaks, suitably named The Pinnacles in Namburg National Park in Australia.