From Freaky Fashion to Powerful PSAs

 - Jun 6, 2012
These blindfolded features show how a simple touch can change the mood of an entire ensemble.

Blindfolds have many connotations. For some they bring to mind images of little kids playing innocently at birthday party, whacking a pinata to win its bounty of candy. Alternatively, blindfolds are also associated with dire hostage situations and kidnappings. And still, for some, they are involved in more amorous activities.  The artists, models, photographers and designers behind these blindfolded features cleverly play on one or more connotation in order to affect a response from the viewer.

Whether it is a sultry, suggestive fashion editorial or thought-provoking public service announcement, these features demonstrate that blindfolds can be used to great effect. They are more subtle than masks but still unusual enough to grab attention.