Cabracega Sensory Adventures in Lisbon

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: & springwise
The newly founded “Cabracega” offers visitors to Lisbon one hour walking tours with blind guides from the ACAPO (Association for the Visually Impaired). Tourists are led blindfolded through the streets of the Alfama Borough on a 'sensory adventure'. The tastes, smells and sounds of the area are magnified, giving a truly unique encounter with the region.

According to Cabracega they have two main goals, “to provide a sensorial experience which aims to gather new knowledge of the surrounding space through the stimuli of the senses of smell, tact, taste and hearing and absence of vision,” and to, “bring awareness to the universe of the visually impaired, not as a limitation but instead in a positive and stimulating note in which the blind himself invite us to step into his own world of codes and references.”

The cost of the hour long tour is 20 Euros which goes directly to the ACAPO.

Cabracega was initiated in 2008 by Pedro Alegria, Rita Gonzalez and Hugo Tornelo.