The Veloway is a Proposed Bicycle Freeway for the City of Melbourne

A consortium of engineering and architectural firms are pushing for the construction of the Veloway -- an elevated bicycle highway -- in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The bike highway would kill two birds with one stone by improving the safety of cyclists while also creating an efficient transportation link across the city.

The Veloway proposal, which has been in the works for a couple of years now, involves a 1.7 km route that would run from Southern Cross railway station in the city's west end to Flinders Street Station in the south. The two stations are already linked by a viaduct; the Veloway would be attached alongside it, allowing cyclists to be separated from cars, trans and foot traffic.

The Veloway project would cost around $23 million. The consortium is hoping to secure $480,000 from the Melbourne City Council and Victorian State Government to conduct a feasibility study.