- Jan 11, 2015
The most relevant 2014 life trends indicate emerging patterns in aspects of daily life, including friends, careers and the lifestyles of others.

This year in particular saw in interest in niche social groups, which manifested itself in a number of revealing photographic series. This included new age gypsy photography, modern day nomad photography, off-grid living photography and hippie cannabis photography. This suggests many people might feel stuck in their current circumstances and are curious about alternative ways of living that are not considered the societal norm (at least in the West).

An interest in morbid aspects and survival methods is also present, from extreme apocalyptic outerwear to multifunctional emergency shelters. In a perhaps correlated concept, adventurous camping gear appears in the form of rollable suitcase mats and overnight cliffside adventures.

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From Anonymous Post-Mordem Portraits to Portable Cyclist Coffee Holders: