The myLED Phone Plug Blinks to Notify You of Missed Calls

 - Feb 25, 2014
The myLED phone plug is perfect for those who prefer the "visual." By plugging in this tiny device to your iPhone’s headphone jack, you can visualize notifications; the small light will flash in one of three colours of your choice.

Why even bother turning up your iPhone ringer volume, when you know you won’t hear it in a loud area? With the myLED, you can put your phone on silent and not have to worry about missed calls, incoming emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, VoIP and battery levels. The light would be especially ideal for those with a flip-cover phone case. Even if you’re unable to see your phone screen (when your case is shut,) you won’t miss the blinking light at the edge.

The myLED light is for iPhones and iPads and can be paired with the myLED app to configure specific colors to certain notifications.