Camaquen's 2014 Equinox Caskets Are Sleek and Super Modern

The 2014 Equinox Collection from Camaquen offers a range of extremely modern casket designs that take inspiration from Inca designs. Quilla, Inti and Pacha are three of Camaquen’s designs that draw from elements like the beauty f the moon, the energy of the sun and the peace of the earth.

The caskets each adopt a simple color scheme and a uniquely patterned fabric by Otavalo Indians, which fuses traditional patterns with modern shapes. As well as these variations, the forms of each casket and method of being opened is slightly different.

Prior to developing these ultra modern caskets, Camaquen had a 25-year history of making traditional wooden caskets. But these striking designs have much more interesting selling features that are quite unlike some of the more conventional coffin designs out there.