- Dec 15, 2014
Grassroots marketing and guerilla marketing campaigns aim to influence a small group rather than the majority with their message. Once they reach their niche market, these campaign messages will eventually be spread by believers and can ultimately result in incredibly successful initiatives.

In addition to its unique approach grassroots marketing is often more cost-effective than other strategies and can pull at the heart strings of ecologically and socially conscious consumers.

Standouts from this grassroots and guerilla marketing list include Sweden's UNICEF Child Refugee campaign that featured projections of homeless children. These projections were displayed on street corners and in underground subways, ultimately reminding Swedish citizens of these voiceless individuals.

Another great example from the list is Coca Cola's street dining concept titled 'The Happiness Table'. This marketing campaign brought unlikely strangers together and connected them through their love of Coca Cola's product.

From Grassroots Activism Campaigns to Streetside Guerilla Ads: