Child Poverty Ads in India: Begging Child on Glass

 - Apr 12, 2006   Updated: Apr 1 2011
References: necromanc.blogspot &
A Guerilla ad agency named Grey has launched a ad campaign for Childcare India.  The ads feature cut outs of homeless children on the glass of store windows.  The aim is to help 20 million indian children who beg on the street.  Very creative ad.

Implications - Ads such as this don't resign themselves to wordy blobs of text or impassioned speeches that ultimately get lost in translation or tuned out. In fact, by embracing viscerally provocative images they sum up their message with efficiency and effectiveness. An image stays alive in the mind of a consumer far longer than a phrase or a statement, so it is definitely a smart move to embrace the former when promoting an important social cause.