- Jun 2, 2012
These provoking poverty campaigns capture the harsh reality of this universally apparent social issue. The extreme displacement of wealth leads to a number of other issues such as malnourishment, crime and ghettoized cultures.

A number of organizations are fighting to increase awareness and end poverty around the world. It is an issue that many have encountered, but may not be aware of the jarring actuality behind those living on the streets. The top 1% has been heavily criticized for their lavish and extravagant lifestyles. While movements like Occupy Wall Street have stirred up buzz on the issue itself, poverty is often the result of a greater social issue. These photographs and advertisements shed light on the conditions and struggles faced by those living in unfavorable situations.

These examples of provoking poverty campaigns reveal the truth behind one of the world's most common and debilitating issues.

From Guerilla Socialvertising to Optical Illusion Advertising: