The ‘Truth or Dare Live Below the Line' Video Challenge

 - May 7, 2012
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The Global Poverty Project ‘Live Below the Line’ Campaign is fundraising to fight extreme poverty. This campaign, which runs from May 7, 2012 to May 11, 2012, challenges our daily spending habits and asks individuals to live on $1.50 worth of food a day. Take a look at your spending habits, do you think you could live on $1.50/day? For the 1.4 billion people -- over 4 times the US population -- who live in extreme poverty, this is their daily reality.

This campaign is not solely based in the US but also in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and represents a global campaign to challenge poverty. The hope of ‘Live Below the Line’ is to allow individuals to understand and experience of the challenges faced by a large portion of the population who live below the poverty line.

An all-star cast, including Malin Akerman, Hugh Jackman, Nick Lachey, Josh Groban and Kevin Connolly, is promoting and advocating for this great cause and campaign. Among the celebrity participants, there are also millions of supporters worldwide have all pledged to live on $1.50 per day. The campaign’s site is loaded with recipes, video testimonials of other participants, diary entries tracking their budgeting progress and campaign events.