The Coca-Cola Happiness Table Induces Stranger Companionship

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: adverblog
The Coca-Cola Happiness Table video campaign gives consumers a sweet taste of stranger interactions with the brand's newest advertisement. The advertisement focuses on a small Coca-Cola truck parked in a small square in the middle of Naples, Italy. A table accompanied with table cloth, cutlery and food entices on-lookers as they approach the table with caution. Once seated, the food truck attracts the likes of many different strangers. These strangers laugh, smile and talk with one another creating an open and friendly environment.

Coca-Cola has introduced the new technique of 'Guerilla' advertising, which envolves taking advertising to the streets so people can experience the brand in its entirety. Coca-Cola's mission was to connect strangers and to create a friendly environment for the streets of Italy. The Coca-Cola Happiness Table will put a smile on the faces of its consumers.