- Jan 22, 2015
These strategic co-branding examples range from affordable luxury fashions to audio tech accessories that are approved by top DJs. While sport and fast fashion retailers are teaming up with luxury brands, makeup companies like MAC Cosmetics are reaching a diverse demographic with their strategic co-branding efforts.

A great example is MAC's balance of youth-targeting ads and collaboration collections that highlight their presence in the film industry. While the brand's collaboration with legendary artist Cindy Sherman reinstated their influence in the world of transformative makeup artistry, their co-branded Nasty Gal makeup line reached a younger, millennial market.

In addition to MAC, another brand who does co-branding well is Adidas. The sportswear label has teamed up with the likes of Stella McCartney, Jeremy Scott and even Raf Simons in order to appeal to a fashion-focused market.

When looking outside the realm of fashion, tech and sporting goods manufacturers are appealing to niche demographics with products like artist-branded skate gear, basketball star sneakers and musician-designed headphones that boast impressive audio capabilities.

From Affordable Luxury Fashions to DJ-Approved Audio Accessories: