From Pop Art Knitwear Catalogs to Art-Inspired Cuisine Campaigns

 - Dec 19, 2013
Advertising a product or service to consumers isn't the easiest of tasks, but these flamboyant pop art ads have utilized popular cultural references as a way to engage a much more youthful audience.

By infusing pop art into print advertisements, marketers are able to draw upon hip cultural references that both children and adults will be able to relate to. Making advertisements much more relatable and modern, these pop art ads are able to sell and market products while simultaneously showcasing designs and inspirations from the 21st Century. Showcasing how pop culture can easily influence and attract consumers, these pop art ads will surely make an impression with their bold and over-the-top designs.

From extruded cellphone ads to provocative museum prints, these flamboyant pop art ads will definitely stand out amongst the more subtle and plain prints.