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Competing against digital and online alternatives, print is striving to reinvent itself with more engaging and interactive adaptations. Utilizing creative promotional tactics, design innovations and interactive strategies to add depth to traditional campaigns, print is integrating aspects of technology and more to help maintain status amongst the plethora of digital innovations.
Top 40 Print Trends in 2019
Top 40 Print Trends in 2019
From Gen Z-Edited Magazines to Edible Kombucha Ads
The top 2019 print trends explore some of the ways that engaging advertisements, magazines, newspapers and campaigns are being created as an alternative or a complement to digital media. To engage... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
Top 100 Marketing Trends for 2020
From Paperboard Soda Packaging to Fragranced Festive Pop-Ups
This round-up of 2020 marketing trends cover many different ways that the vast variety of existing industries are connecting with their respective consumers. There are many approaches on an endless... MORE
Internet Service Zines
Internet Service Zines
Starry's Illustrated Guide Shares "How to Cope with Your Current ISP"
To bring attention to its own Internet services and encourage consumers to make the switch to a new provider, Starry created a fun illustrated guide to send out in the mail. Rather than sending out... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in October
Top 100 Marketing Trends in October
From Multi-Sensory Theater Campaigns to Eco-Awareness Ads
The list of October 2019 marketing trends are impressively engaging and interact with each brand’s respective consumer audience in new and creative ways. Some of the latest marketing tactics... MORE
Arty Fast Food Campaigns
Arty Fast Food Campaigns
McDonald's Sweden Turns to High Art to Promote Its Big McBacon
Contemporary fast food campaigns have embraced humor at their core and the most recent example of this is McDonald’s Sweden who, in partnership with Nord DDB Stockholm, has launched a... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
From Luxe Fashion Anniversary Exhibits to Cooled Shipping Boxes
The August 2019 marketing concepts take branding and customer interaction to new heights, taking place through creative platforms. There are many publicity concepts exercised by all kinds of... MORE
Sci-Fi AR Marketing
Sci-Fi AR Marketing
Google Used the New York Times to Host a Stranger Things Augmented Reality Ad
Google recently placed an augmented reality ad in the New York Times. The ad is for a fictional mall where much of the new Stranger Things takes place. The ad was placed in a recent print edition of... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in June
Top 100 Marketing Trends in June
From Imperfect Beauty Ads to Meme-Inspired Music Ads
This compilation of June 2019 marketing concepts is exercised across multiple platforms to explore different mediums and approaches to connecting with the brand’s respective consumers. There... MORE
Cannabis Zine
Artist-curated print publications that celebrate cannabis culture are on the rise
Implications - With cannabis becoming destigmatized across North America, Millennial artists are creating niche lifestyle publications on the topic, while also exploring various social issues. The prevalence of cannabis zines shows the continued existence of independent communities within this space, despite the mainstream evolution of cannabis culture today.
Workshop Question - How can your brand empower and inspire independent creative communities?
Political Pet Adoption Campaigns
Political Pet Adoption Campaigns
This PETA Ad Aims to Spark a Dialogue Through Trump's Presidency
Given that PETA ads are often known to be controversial, it’s no surprise that the organization’s latest campaign spotlights the divisive political landscape that’s currently... MORE
play_circle_filled Inclusive Advertising Initiatives
Inclusive Advertising Initiatives
Ad Standards Debuts Inclusive 'Kinder Conditions' Campaign
Ad Standards—an independent advertising complaints adjudicator in the UK—recently launched the new, thought-provoking campaign ‘Kinder Conditions’ to bring to light issues... MORE
Strikingly Vibrant Diversity Ads
Strikingly Vibrant Diversity Ads
McDonald's Fries-Inspired Campaign is Stunningly Design-Friendly
The new campaign by beloved fast food chain McDonald’s is multi-directional — on one hand, it pays homeage to National French Fry Day (July 13th), on the other hand, it acts as an attention-... MORE
Photo-Free Fashion Magazines
Photo-Free Fashion Magazines
The January 2020 Vogue Italia Special Issue Has a Small Footprint
The January 2020 Vogue Italia Special Issue boasts a standout design that also makes a statement about the climate crisis. Those who pick up a copy of the fashion magazine will find that all of the... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in September
Top 100 Marketing Trends in September
From Swapped Logos to High-Energy Alcohol Activations
Many different brands across the wide scope of industries explore new and exciting ideas this month, making up the list of September 2019 marketing trends. The expansive list highlights the... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in December
Top 100 Marketing Trends in December
From Cheeky Marketing Strategies to Merchandise Promotions
This month’s round-up of December 2019 marketing trends dive into the different ways that brands of every industry are connecting with their consumers. There are many that explore the vast... MORE
play_circle_filled Boundary Pushing Vacation Ads
Boundary Pushing Vacation Ads
Flight Centre Canada Launched the New 'Be Unbordered' Campaign
In an effort to encourage guests to step outside their comfort zone, Flight Centre Canda worked with COSSETTE to launch the new ‘Be Unbordered’ campaign. The intriguing commerical... MORE
play_circle_filled Matchmaking Mascot Campaigns
Matchmaking Mascot Campaigns
Hinge's Mascot Wants You to Find Love and Delete the Machmaking App
Hinge, the iconic “dating app designed to be deleted,” has recently unveiled its newest international campaign—the Hinge Mascot. Its inception was inspired by the brand’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Gray Hair-Celebrating Ads
Gray Hair-Celebrating Ads
Pantente's #POWEROFGREY Campaign Celebrates Women's Natural Beauty & Age
P&G haircare brand Pantene recently launched the #POWEROFGREY campaign that features women with gray hair of varying ages. The imagery is coupled with common negative perceptions of graying hair... MORE
play_circle_filled Travel-Themed Train Campaigns
Travel-Themed Train Campaigns
National Rail Launched the 'Get That Railcard Feeling' Campaign
After partnering with international creative agency The Community, National Rail has unveiled it’s travel-themed ‘Get That Railcard Feeling’ campaign. The campaign features three... MORE
Singapore-Inspired Vodkas
Singapore-Inspired Vodkas
Absolut Singapore Celebrates the City with a Botanical Aesthetic
Absolut Vodka recently debuted its new limited-edition commemorative bottle—‘Absolut Singapore.’ The bottle is a celebration of Singapore and was made in partnership with travel... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in July
Top 100 Marketing Trends in July
From Agency-Signed Virtual Models to Artist-Made Cognac Bottles
The range of July 2019 marketing trends is full of celebratory ideas as the past month was charged with concepts that honored the cause of Pride Month. The list features promotional approaches that... MORE
Humorous Politically Charged Ads
Humorous Politically Charged Ads
Weetabix Launches a Witty Ad That Also Boasts a Political Stance
A plethora of witty ads have been launched to promote products, while also serving as a commentary on the recent election results in the United Kingdom. As Boris Johnson is asserted as Prime... MORE
play_circle_filled QSR Mascot-Themed Ads
QSR Mascot-Themed Ads
Subway's 'Above & Beyond' Campaign Encourages Customers to Customize Orders
Subway’s new rebrand was recently launched with its ‘Make it what you want’ by Above & Beyond campaign. The campaign features a video beginning with a selection of vegetables... MORE
Tiger-Inspired Design Identities
Tiger-Inspired Design Identities
Tiger in a Museum is a Multidisciplinary Event Series
A Tiger in a Museum is a playful concept that is tied to a popular saying—“A Tiger in a museum is a tiger in a museum and not a tiger.” It is also an event series that is closely tied to... MORE
Cheeky Show-Referencing Baby Ads
Cheeky Show-Referencing Baby Ads
IKEA Pokes Fun at Game of Thrones with an Ad for a Potty
A tongue-in-cheek baby ad for the ‘LOCKIG’ is launched by IKEA Singapore and the playful marketing initative definitely wins points with its reference to a very distinct and relevant pop... MORE