Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Bust Uses Guerilla Advertising to Arrest Violators

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: youtube & adverblog
Imagine you're on the street and a faux police officer writes you a ticket for arching your eyebrows too high; Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Bust introduces Sarah Colonna from the late night show, Chelsea Lately as its newest beauty officer. Comedian Colonna becomes the predator as she sneaks up on un-expecting pedestrians and writes multiple tickets for violations of being naturally thin to the overuse of lip liner.

This hilarious short advertises Benefit Cosmetics' latest beauty product, the 'They're Real!' mascara. Toting the phrase "Laughter is the best cosmetic," Benefit plays off its invasive advertisement with said catch phrase. Sarah Colonna hilariously plays a confrontational beauty officer, offending many people yet keeping her audience laughing and in stitches. The cosmetic brand's concept of being out of the box incorporates this video advertisement.