- Jan 3, 2015
These 2014 bizarre trends range from artistic skin manipulations to Movember mustache competitions that verge on the extreme. From DIY plastic surgery products to body-altering apparel, these 2014 bizarre trends are challenging social conventions.

On the bizarre beauty front, Asian manufacturers are creating an endless supply of DIY plastic surgery products that help one alter one's appearance without having to go under the knife.

The products range from nose-slimming mechanisms to sun-blocking masks that protect one's face from UV rays. In addition to specific beauty products, the year's bizarre trends also include painful body treatments along with masculine manicure designs that are a growing phenomenon in Japan.

Furthermore, these ideas also include bizarre taxidermy innovations like eerie animal dioramas and even taxidermy-themed wedding ceremonies.

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From Taxidermy-Themed Weddings to Inflatable Fish Fashions: