The Green Zunda Kit Kat is Made from Ground Edamame

 - Mar 23, 2014
References: en.rocketnews24
The arrival of the official Kit Kat boutique in Japan has amplified the number of strange flavors it has available, one of which includes the Zunda Kit Kat, made from edamame.

Traditionally, zunda is formed from ground up and sweetened soybeans and it is served atop mochi, a rice snack. The Zunda Kit Kat bars borrow from the Japanese dish, with a green-tinged chocolatey layer on the outside and a white wafer cookie inside. Although green is not known to be one of the most appetizing of food colors, the chocolate bars and its candy wrapper branding certainly aren't shy about showing it off as something unique.

The unusual flavor is said to be a little hazy and not as edamame-like as one might expect, but still quite tasty nonetheless.