From Superfood Chocolate Bars to Cheesy Pizza Chocolates

 - Sep 21, 2015
These unexpected chocolate flavors range from ultra-sweet to unusually savory. In recent years, consumers have become more adventurous when it comes to trying unfamiliar flavors. Instead of opting for conventional flavors, many people are willing to try products made from exotic and unfamiliar ingredients.

Some of the most interesting chocolate flavors are those that include savory ingredients. The combination of sweet and savory is ideal for consumers who may prefer less decadent desserts. Some of these unusual chocolate flavors include cheese pizza, potato chips and even bacon.

While sweet and savory is a popular flavor combination, other brands draw inspiration from popular international ingredients. For example, Japanese flavors such as matcha, red bean and zunda have become extremely popular. These internationally-inspired chocolates are largely aimed at consumers who have been exposed to a wide variety of different cuisines.