The Baked Pudding Kit Kat Bars Are Meant to Be Lightly Toasted

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: kotaku & designtaxi
Since the introduction of the Kit Kat boutique in Japan, the chocolate bar brand has been releasing some rather novel Kit Kat bars. Among them was a gourmet baked Kit Kat, which was only available in-store. But now, Kit Kat is letting consumers do the cooking at home.

Later this month, the Baked Pudding-Flavored Kit Kats will go on sale in Japan. For the most part, the Kit Kats look the same, except they are a whitish color. The back of the chocolate package provides details on "the new taste sensation" and how the treats should go about being lightly baked in a toaster oven before eating.

Some who have tried this technique recommend keeping a watchful eye on the chocolates, especially since the oil content can cause the Kit Kat bars to go up in flames quickly if they're cooked for too long.