- Jun 24, 2015
While writing letters may seem like a thing of the past, these lovely stationery sets will have you itching to pick up a pen and paper. Whether you are jotting down a reminder or sending a message to a loved one, these charming stationery sets are the perfect way to do so.

For those who like to take notes the old fashion way, there are a number of fun and novel notebook designs. There are beautiful notebooks made from luxurious materials such as leather, vintage illustrations and even real wood. There are also eco-friendly notebook options made from materials such as recycled paper and delicate pine shavings.

Beyond notebooks and memo pads, there are lovely stationery sets that include whimsical writing utensils and quirky office accessories. For example, there are striped stationery sets that include colorful striped rulers. There are also avian-themed stationary set with adorable owl pencil holders.

From Nutrition-Inspired Notebooks to Adorable Avian Stationery: