Never Forget the Urgency Of Your Tasks with These Funny Notebooks

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: shop.coolmaterial & dudeiwantthat
A regular notebook just doesn't cut it these days -- and that's why there are these funny notebooks entitled 'Sh**I Gotta F***ing Get Done. These notebooks will trump every other standardized, plain cover notebooks out on the market.

The exterior of the notebook is made up of a cork/cardboard, available in soft and hardcover versions. Sprawled across the front is an assortment of fonts and bolded texts that bluntly explain the notebook's contents -- and it's urgent; these aren't tasks you write on a sticky note or on the fridge -- these tasks are serious.

The interior features plain lined white sheets. Two versions are available, one smaller two-pack which contains 32 pages, and a larger notebook that is wire-bound with 100 pages.

Never forget the urgency of your tasks with this funny notebook. Bust this out in front of your boss to demonstrate how serious you are about life.