- May 5, 2015
Even though there is no shortage of technologically advanced workplace accessories that exist, there is something charming about analog office stationery. From fresh notepads to DIY envelopes and whimsical desk supplies, these products bring back the feeling of back-to-school shopping and a fresh start as a grown-up.

On the anaolog side of things, there are several examples of DIY office supplies, including marbled paper crafts and recycled jean pencil cases. Other notebooks are integrating some tech elements, such as desk organizers with a space for your smartphone. Some find a comfortable middle ground with paper notepads that look like iPads and smartphones.

This office stationery will not only help you stay organized and productive at work or school, but will also help you unplug, get away from screens, restore balance and boost creativity.

From Upcycled Denim School Supplies to Fruit-Inspired Lettersets: