Greetings From the Internet Records the Private Settings of Faraway Places

 - Jan 7, 2014
You can easily find pictures of international landmarks on Google Images, but this is only possible with online access. Greetings From the Internet is an compelling project that captures the keys to the World Wide Web, as they pertain to private networks that the artist encountered on his travels.

Aram Bartholl emphasizes the moment of human connection that's often chosen as the means to communicate a particular WiFi password to a visitor. Alphanumeric combinations are frequently scribbled onto scraps of paper or written on chalk boards in cafes, hostels and tourist centers. The artist photographed these and printed them into postcards.

Greetings From the Internet stationery frames a very different part and perspective of a globetrotter's experience, filled with subtle cues about the place and the people with whom the sender has interacted.