The Attachment Set Induces an Emotional Connection to Your Utensil

 - Sep 26, 2014
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When was the last time you were appreciative of a pencil? Attachment by Tom Robinson is a project that promotes an emotional connection between user and utensil, reigniting the relationship between the writer and a writing implement that has been largely cast aside on the modern desk.

Ever embodying great creative potential beyond its wood and graphite body, the pencil has been accessorized in this quirky collection. The intention is also to prolong the lifespan of these already under-utilized items. Included in the stationery set is a metal sheath that hinders sharpening and protects the shaft from damage. Attachment by Tom Robinson includes a playful teal ball that can be fixed to the end of the scribbler, plus a few doodads that facilitate the care and appreciation of the low-tech writer's tool.