- Feb 25, 2015
These DIY kitchen hacks range from chalkboard butcher blocks to DIY party cups that are a chic way to entertain while on a budget. When looking to make your house a home, the process can be both time-consuming and expensive but these easy and fun ideas will save you time and money.

Standouts from this list include candy-dispensing fridge hacks that show one how to turn their ice maker into a treat dispenser. The hack is a great idea for house parties and will stun guests with a serious sweet tooth.

Other favorites include stone-made coasters, leather-accented cutting boards and de-cluttering DIY kitchen shelves that are made using recycled bottles or mason jars. In recent years. consumers have become more environmentally and budget-conscious. With this shift, they are aware that DIY projects like these kitchen hacks are a less expensive and more sustainable choice than in-store goods.

From Candy-Dispensing Fridge Hacks to Chalkboard Butcher Blocks: