Give Your White Ceramic Mugs an Artistic Makeover With Nail Polish

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: poppytalk & poppytalk
If you want to revamp your kitchen decor you should try making these ceramic watercolor mugs using nail polish. When you're done making these mugs will look like a famous artist spent hours painting them.

To make these watercolor mugs all you need is a shallow basin, nail polish, warm water and several white ceramic mugs. Begin by filling the dish up with warm water and adding a few drops of a colored nail polish. Let the polish spread out and then carefully dip your white mug into the water. Carefully pat the mug with a towel and add a second layer of color if you'd like. As the polish spreads out in the water it creates a watercolor-like effect onto the cup. You can try layering up several colors for a more visually striking design.