From Cartoon Kitten Cake Pans to Sustainable Dessert Utensils

 - Nov 30, 2015
Pastry chefs are responsible for delivering sweet treats all year round, so this season why not deliver one an equally sweet gift? With products all pastry chefs can use in or outside the kitchen, these gift ideas are designed with dessert in mind.

All good pastry chefs need reliable kitchen utensils to work with in their kitchen, so this season gift your culinary friends the cutesy Wing It Whisk or the dual-action Blisk spatula. However, gifts for pastry chefs don't have to be kitchen-only accouterments. A dessert connoisseur may also enjoy a dessert-themed handbag from Kate Spade's Magnolia Bakery collection or KnickerRocker's cupcake-inspire lingerie set.

These gifts also include tech-friendly innovations like Necessary Clothing's Macaroon Laptop Sleeve as well as the ChefJet 3D Printer, which produces edible structured desserts.