These Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds Offer Humorous Baking Insights

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: fredandfriends
Any avid baker looking for ways to humorously spice up their ordinary treats is in luck, because the Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds allow guests to enjoy these confectionary delights while getting a little insight into the future.

Playing on the popularity of the infamous fortune cookies that restaurants often serve after meals, these cupcake molds also give insight into the future but relates every prediction to sweets and eating. Perfect for anyone looking to add some comical elements to their often mundane sugary confections, these Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds will definitely have your guests guessing what sugary treat lies in their immediate future.

A creative way to make munching on treats more mysterious and exciting, these predictive cupcake molds will definitely satisfy anyone who enjoys confectionary puns.