From Dainty Wrist Adornments to Silky Hearrthob Pillows

 - Dec 18, 2014
Thinking of gift ideas for your girlfriend might seem intimidating at first. In fact, the whole process of gift-giving often feels like a test of how well you know your partner. If you get them something they have to return, well, chances are you didn't score very many points. Luckily, there are a ton of gifts that will amuse and delight girls everywhere.

Having a basic knowledge of who you're dating is helpful when picking out a present, of course, but once you've figured out your significant other's general likes and dislikes, you can find something that speaks to them.

Ideas include t-shirts and accessories that pay tribute to a movie/show/book they like, for instance, or a clever product with dual function, like TaliaYStudio's wearable camera filters.