This Sugarpills Sweater Hopes for the Death of an Old Friend

 - Oct 30, 2014
References: sugarpillsclth & shop.nylon
This floral sweater by Sugarpills Clothing reads, "I Hope Your WiFi Dies."

Wishing for a WiFi death is something you reserve for your worst enemies. You really have to hate this person -- I'm talking spit-on-their-grave kind of hate -- to go through with such a callous, vindictive wish. After all, what's worse that being denied access to your favorite social media? I know a few people who will practically start hyperventilating if they don't check Instagram every few minutes.

If you're feeling a little bit evil, then you can don this sweater with a specific person in mind. You'll know if your devious plan worked if they're wearing all black the next time you see them -- clearly mourning for their WiFi.