- Jan 20, 2015
These cinematic fashion examples range from sci-fi statement tees and sleepwear staples to printed high school clique accessories that are inspired by cult classic Mean Girls.

Whether paying tribute to Clueless, The Hunger Games or the Harry Potter franchise, these cinematic fashions show off one's appreciation for their favorite film. Whether poking fun at popular film plots or professing some serious love for your favorite character, these clothing examples will spark up conversation among fellow fans.

A memorable example from this list is iamdope's graphic Spring Breakers tee that features an iconic image from the film. The t-shirt boasts a shot of the film's lead characters who sport pink ski-masks and bikini tops.

Another favorite is the Bally Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection that pays tribute to Wes Anderson's film The Royal Tennenbaums. The collection is vintage in its aesthetic and mimics costumes from the popular film.

As retailers continue to draw inspiration from cinema and pop culture, film merchandise is becoming more refined and fashion forward rather than mass-produced and generic.

From Sci-Fi Statement Tees to Printed High School Clique Hats: