This Wooden Shark Ring from Etsy Celebrates Shark Week Style

 - Aug 14, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
This wooden shark ring is created by designer Jacqueline Chan who is the owner of Etsy's whimsymilieu shop. The piece celebrates Shark Week in all it's glory and can be yours for under $20.

This wooden accessory ships worldwide from Orange, Australia and is lasercut and handpainted to resemble a terrifying ocean predator. Moreover, the blue-hued ring boasts a triangular form and is adorned with a graphic of a shark face and sharp teeth. These teeth appear to sink into one's finger when the ring is worn and are meant to illustrate the danger of a shark's bite.

Whether you're a fan of cinematic cult classic Jaws, a dedicated Shark Week viewer of a daring style setter, you're sure to make a statement with Etsy's wooden shark ring design.