- Aug 3, 2016
Shark-inspired ideas seem to attract and delight consumers with their allusions to the fearsome animal and the mystery around them.

When one thinks of a baby bassinet, they would rarely think of sharks as a relatable concept, but NY-based sculptor Joseph Reginella created a cleverly designed Jaws-inspired sleeping basket for babies. Essentially the sleeping infant looks like they're being swallowed up into the mouth of a ferocious great white. The novel idea created a social media frenzy and would be a fun gift item for consumers to purchase.

On the same wavelength, Daisho Fishery Company got a little bit funky and developed Shark Tea Bags that actually simulate blood oozing out of a cardboard scuba diver attached to the bag. It might sound creepy, but one can't deny their curiosity regarding the product and the unique tea bags would be the talk of any tea party.

The appeal of shark-inspired products cannot be denied; the cult-classic Jaws movie series, children's cartoon Shark Tales and Discovery Chanel's Shark Week are all examples of consumer interest in the carnivorous fish.

From Aquatic Predator Bassinets to Finned Bloody Teas: