The Shark Vehicle Cuts Resistance for Efficient Water, Land and Air Travel

 - May 1, 2014
References: coroflot & tuvie
There are several major discernible differences between the BMW Shark Vehicle and a cutting-edge car that's built for speed. Besides the fact that this automobile appears to be missing wheels, it's the gaping void in the base of the conveyance that suggests its innovative means of performance. Designed by Amin Einakian, this concept car optimizes on space so that it can actually take advantage of drag forces.

This unique feature may enable the Shark Vehicle to get lift above the surface of the earth, as well as glide across rivers, lakes and oceans for the purposes of play, sport and A-to-B transportation. The flying BMW Shark Vehicle's ultra-thin profile would allow it to cut through the air to minimize resistance against its hovering body and maximize its streamlined speed.