From Reversible Concept Cars to Sleek Reversible Smartwatches

 - Aug 19, 2015
Reversible designs double the style, functionality and best of all, the value of products. For example, the Nico Gerad Pinnacle watch has a regular pinnacle face, while boasting an Apple Smartwatch inside that makes it much more enticing than a regular old watch. Similarly, the Zoox Level 4 concept car that can drive in either direction appeals more to people than a standard car that must difficultly reverse out of tricky spots.

The potential for something to be multi-functional definitely impacts a consumer's purchasing decision. Whether the product is reversible in appearance, like psychedelic bucket hats, or in functionality, like reversible sticky notes that last twice as long -- its duality increases its value.

With the effect this can have on sales, reversible designs that can transform a product's single use into two should be looked at closely when brands create new ideas.