From Driverless Commuter Cabs to Vehicular Living Room Concepts

 - Oct 19, 2015
These driverless car innovations range from autonomous commuter cabs to living room concepts that are confined inside a four-wheeled vessel. While self-driving cars were once a mere idea, they are more possible than ever before. Following in the footsteps of Mercedes -- the company's recently released F 015 'Luxury in Motion' concept marries style with intuitive technology -- other car companies like Ford are also releasing their own autonomous vehicle versions that are not only focused on enhanced convenience but also a new level of comfort.

In addition to luxury cars that don't require a driver, these car innovations also include self-driving add-ons that can be integrated into an existing vehicle as well as futuristic train cards that are set to change the way we commute.

Growing conscious of technology's impermanence and constant evolution, today's car buyer is more careful when investing in a new vehicle, making these driverless concepts that much more lucrative and intriguing.