This Dutch Engineer is Developing a Self-Piloting Flying Taxi

 - Aug 13, 2015
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Dutch engineer Thorstin Crijns has a vision: developing the world's first flying taxi and making it totally able to fly itself. Crijns built a prototype and is testing out his 20-rotor drone cab, which he calls 'Quadro.'

When Quadro is fully functional, it will be hailed or summoned using a smartphone app. It will be able to autonomously transport passengers to their destinations using internal navigation. Crijns' website details his vision, provides specs and calculations for the Quadro prototype and shows footage of Crijns test driving what is obviously an initial version of the flying taxi.

Although Quadro is still a grand idea and a rough first iteration, the implications for the finished product are astounding. A flying taxi will dramatically reduce traffic on busy urban streets, and mean a revolution in efficiency in the taxi industry not seen since Uber.