From Elegant Electric Cabs to Video-Streaming Cars

 - Mar 3, 2016
In addition to improving navigation and safety on the road, connected cars of the future are set to be extremely entertaining. Rather than relying on a driver or passenger to supply a mobile device, car concepts of the future are imagined with capable built-in systems with offer hands-free interfaces. These systems are capable of not only providing access to a user's music- and movie-streaming subscriptions, but selecting content that will be matched to trips of a certain length, even when Internet connectivity is not possible.

The London Taxi Company is thinking ahead with its new fleet of all-black eco-friendly vehicles, which are all Wi-Fi enabled and appeal to tourists and locals who crave constant connectivity. In order to offer this same sort of convenience with safety concerns in mind, the Fiat Wi-Fi device was introduced to offer Internet access only after seatbelts have been buckled.