From Educational Robot Toys to Android Shop Assistants

 - Jan 9, 2016
These 2015 robots trends range from galactic droid toys to android shop assistants that bear a striking resemblance to human workers. In addition to a myriad of camera-embedded aerial drones -- from internet-providing gadgets to drones that deliver pizzas to secluded military bases -- other standouts include educational robot toys that aid in a child's development.

Next to coding robots that teach kids to program their very own apps, additional notables include products designed to aid in disaster relief efforts. Furthermore, robots that are help to replenish bare forests with freshly planted trees are also on this list.

When examining 2015 robots trends in the realm of hospitality and marketing, experiential hotels are replacing staff members with droid front desk and room service workers while more brands are executing publicity stunts with the help of a digitally-powered mascot.

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