The Grasp Telepresence Robot Whispers Instructions In Your Ear

 - Feb 25, 2015
References: akarshsanghi & gizmag
The Grasp telepresence robot is a robot that perches on your shoulder and whispers instructions in your ear while watching what you do. Think of it as a robotic manifestation of those cartoon scenes when you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another, whispering advice into your ear. Although this robot is no devil as it has your best interests at heart.

This telepresence robot's primary components are a webcam, speaker, microphone and a remotely controlled laser pointer. It is designed to connect teachers with students remotely. Whether you're learning to play a musical instrument or repairing a piece of equipment, the robot can help you receive instructions and guidance from an instructor.

The potential applications for this technology are limitless. Imagine being able to assemble a piece of furniture while somebody sitting in a call-center in Sweden watches you and guides you along.