From IQ-Boosting Wearables to Personalized Tutor Apps

 - Nov 12, 2015
These high-tech education robots, tablets and wearables suggest what classrooms of the future might look like.

As class sizes continually increase, teachers may be able to find assistance from robotic companions like RoboCARE's Milo or Meebo by UniFa. Whether it's taking on the task of teaching students a new language, encouraging physical activity or simply serving as a classroom monitor, educators will find it useful to have a second pair of eyes and hands available.

Since the purchase of high-tech educational equipment can be a large expense for schools, a number of portable, durable and cost-effective tablets are being created specificallyas teaching tools. As well as encouraging critical thinking and skill-building in the moment, devices like Boogie Boards and the ChoreoGraph encourage kids to develop expertise that will serve them well into adulthood.