The 'Meebo' Robot Acts as a Robot School Monitor in Japan

Described as a small, pink companion, Meebo has become the world's first robot school monitor. Meebo can take pictures, dance and can currently be rented out for free by Japanese schools.

Schools can rent Meebo for free because of a unique business model by creators UniFa. The service, called "Rukumi" allows kindergartens and nurseries to use the Meebo to take pictures and upload them to be purchased online. The profits are then collected by UniFa.

UniFa is attempting to send out as many Meebos to various kindergartens and nurseries throughout Japan. Although the current functions for Meebo are limited, there is a concerted effort to increase its capabilities to include measuring body temperature and giving quizzes. By 2018, UniFa hopes to have produced 10,000 Meebo robots.