Boogie Boards Teach Kids to Write and Count with Digital Tracing

Boogie Boards are the tracing paper for this generation of digital children, but with the added advantage of an Internet's worth of virtual education content.

Boogie Boards has already had vast success with a series of chalkboard and notepad style eWriters for adults. Priced at just $30, the latest edition of Boogie Boards is specifically for kids. The transparent, round Boogie Board can be used to virtually trace anything in curious kids' surroundings. The accompanying tablet app has a huge variety of learning activities for kids aged 3-10. Parents who don't want to surrender their tablets can also purchase activity kits that kids can use to virtually doodle and learn.

The new kids' tracing Boogie Boards could also have applications in occupational therapy, where people learning to write again need affordable tools for practice.